Timog Ave: Street Side Dining With “Ohayo Maki X Sushi”

Timog Ave Ohayo Maki X Sushi

Perhaps the most well known hot spot for night life in Quezon City is Timog Ave. Adjacent to Tomas Morato Ave., the area is lit with clubs, cafés, spas, bars, and restaurants.

After a slightly drunken evening with my friends, I was hungry and was craving for something salty to eat. So I decided to walk around Timog Ave to burn off the alcohol in my system and try to look for something to satisfy my hunger. I stumbled upon a cozy looking kiosk by the side of the road. The name was “Ohayo Maki X Sushi“. They were selling Japanese foods; ramens, sushis, and makis. I was actually a bit surprised because I’ve never noticed their kiosk in that area not until recently. I checked their menu, and the first thing I usually do is look at the prices. I was intrigued on how affordable the prices they had for Japanese cuisine. Maybe because they were operating in a kiosk which saves them rent and allows them to lower their price? Anyway, at first I was a bit skeptical with the quality, but at that point I could care less since I was already famished. So I grabbed a chair and sat down and ordered the Salmon Torched Maki. It was only P159 for 8 pieces.

After confirming my order, I was amazed how the cook started assembling my food right in front of me. Here, you can actually watch your food being prepared and just appreciate the “show” while your mouth waters in anticipation for the taste.

Once it was served to me, I immediately grabbed my chopsticks and went for it. Yes, it was delicious. After I finished eating it. I couldn’t help myself but look at their menu again and see what other things they have to offer.

Timog ave Ohayo menu

I ordered a Mini Shoyu Ramen. It was only for P105. It was ok. Quality was good enough for the price. The small bits of pork was tender and the egg was nice.

timog ave - shoyu ramen - Ohayo
Mini Shoyu Ramen – P105 only

All in all, I would rate the food quality, price, and dining experience a 3.5/5. Of course there are way better Japanese restaurants out there, but Ohayo Maki X Sushi offers a satisfying meal that’s fit for the commoner’s budget. I’m definitely coming back soon.

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