Mateo’s Restaurant Cafe Offers Hearty Spanish-Filipino Cuisine In Quezon City

Mateo's Restaurant Cafe in Quezon City

Here’s a restaurant that really got me and my friends all cozied with happy tummies. Mateo’s Restaurant Cafe in North Domingo, Quezon City, offers hearty Spanish-Filipino cuisine that will surely make you intrigued with your Filipino heritage.

One day, me and my friends agreed to go out for lunch. We were tired of the same old western or oriental foods we regularly have at the malls. The foods served in restaurants there were all too familiar with our taste buds, so we looked for alternatives and we’ve chosen to go with Filipino cookery. As we were already in Robinsons Magnolia Mall, we discovered that Mateo’s was just nearby and so we decided to go for it.

This restaurant is just across the street from Robinsons Magnolia Mall. It looks like a small gated residential place from the outside with limited parking slots inside. If you plan to go with your car, it might be best to just park at the mall. Because the parking space here was a bit tight. So one of us had to pause from his meal just to move our car when one of the other customers couldn’t move his vehicle out due to spacing issues. Not a big problem, but a bit bothersome.

This venue makes use of natural light to brighten the interior ambiance. The glassed walls are also the windows to the small garden outside, giving it a homey feel. They use wooden furniture that are typical in Filipino homes for their durability and style.

Spanish-Filipino food trip!

The Philippines is a melting pot of different cultures and Spain has one of the most contributions to it. This influence can be seen not just in lifestyle and heritage, but also in food. Mateo’s has quite an impressive selection in their menu from familiar dishes and beverages to signature ones.

Beef Caldereta. This isn’t your ordinary Caldereta from your carinderia. This is the sosyal type! This is a grass-fed beef brisket sautéed in garlic, onions, bell pepper, liver spread, pickles until tender to perfection. This is Caldereta done right with its distinct flavorful aroma. Simple in the eyes, but packs a new experience in the taste. You have to order this when you come here!

Beef Caldereta, P450

Peruvian Chicken. Baked chicken marinated in cumin, paprika, salt and pepper, served with Aji Verde sauce. This selection is never dull. It has a citrus kick to its taste which is also complimented with the mild spiciness and tanginess of the Aji Verde. We Filipinos are used to just using soy sauce, vinegar, calamansi and chili for our chicken condiments, but this one is guaranteed to have a better chemistry.

Peruvian Chicken, P450

Pasta Negra con Sepia. Black fettuccini with cuttlefish and mussels. This is perfect for seafood lovers! The pasta is well coated with the creamy squid ink. Of course you’ll get your mouth blackened because of the ink, but it’s easily rinsed of with water. The nuggets of cuttlefish is a good pair for the pasta, adding more esteem to this jovial seafood dish.

Pasta Negra con Sepia, P350

Roast Beef. Well everybody knows this. This dish is perhaps quite common in other restaurants too. Although Mateo’s Roast Beef is good, it’s not the most memorable one that I ever had. So I would recommend that you go try their other dishes instead of this one. Nothing wrong with this, it’s just that it’s already too common elsewhere so it’s hard to find a distinction from other restaurant’s roast beef with this.

Mateo’s roast beef is a seasoned angus beef brisket, served with mashed potato and steamed vegetables. The meat is tender and easily cut with a knife. Drizzled with savory gravy sauce. The mashed potato and vegetables are well buttered/salted for taste.

Roast Beef, P480

Overall dining experience

I’d say our experience was excellent! The staff were great and were knowledgeable with their recommendations. Everything was clean, including the lavatories. And so it was just a wonderful place to dine in with instagramable foods. Best to bring company with you like friends, relatives, or a date.

Mateo’s Restaurant location

The restaurant is just across the street from Robisnons Magnolia Mall in North Domingo, Quezon City. You may also make your reservations by calling (02) 8696-3724 or email them at

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