Binondo’s Famous Wai Ying Restaurant – Just Go For Their Ducks

So I was craving for some Chinese food one Saturday. Luckily I was just near Binondo, which is the oldest Chinatown in the world. So I decided to go their and try out some Chinese cuisine. I walked around for a bit, scouting for a good restaurant to appetize myself. I ended up in front of one particular restaurant that had a long line of waiting customers outside. I thought to myself that this might be a good one and it turns out that it’s actually quite popular in Binondo. The venue is called Wai Ying Fastfood.

Long line of customers outside Wai Ying Restaurant in Binondo, Manila

At first I didn’t want go for it since I didn’t want to wait on a line just to eat. But since it’s “fastfood”, I figured that the serving of food here would be quick and affordable. So I just stayed around and tried to wait. But the waiting is of course the hardest part. The tasty looking roasted ducks by their windows was making me crave even more. I asked their security guard how long the wait might last because I was really hungry. He then pointed me to another new branch of Wai Ying nearby, so I decided to go there.

Roasted ducks displayed by their windows

As I got myself in the new Wai Ying branch, the ambiance was the typical Manila eatery. Nothing too aesthetically pleasing, but they stuck true to their sky blue theme. I would have appreciated it if they were more diligent with cleanliness. But all in all, the place was fine to dine in.

Inside Wai Ying Restaurant

I ordered the Roasted Duck Asado Rice. It costed Php 290. I would say the Asado sauce was quite nice and made the roasted duck even more succulent. It was paired with one cup of rice on the side. The meal was tasty, but I think the price was a bit too steep for the quality and quantity of the serving. It’s not exactly the most memorable duck meal I’ve had, but definitely worthy of some praise.

Roasted Duck Asado Rice for Php 290

I also had their Beef Mami. I love beef soup, so I ordered one for Php 200. It was very basic in appearance and the price was again steep for its quality and quantity. It had a sweet and savory taste, but what made it better was the chili-garlic sauce that I’ve added into the mix. I see this being a good comfort food during rainy cold days.

Wai Ying’s Beef Mami for Php 200

I’ve included some side appetizer. I also had the Chicken Feet for Php 100. It was nicely marinated and drenched in a savory sauce. Again, the chili-garlic sauce made it better for taste. This could go along quite well with a beer.

Chicken Feet for Php 100

My over all experience with Wai Ying was pleasant but I feel like the prices didn’t match the quality and quantity of their servings. Their food style was good for the masses, which I think is their main target customer. So there was nothing too memorable about the place nor the experience of eating their food.

A typical rice meal here will cost an average of around 250 to 350. Their Roast Pecking duck by the way is for Php 1800. Their most expensive food on the menu is the Roasted Suckling Pig for Php 6000.

I also kind of wish that I just ordered their foods that had something to do with ducks. I think the ducks are the restaurant’s main bread and butter. So the next time I go there, I would really just order their duck meals and that’s what I recommend others who would like to try Wai Ying.

Yes I will go there again to try the other meals that I haven’t had yet. I’d still give it a shot.

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