I Ate Food in Baguio City And Here’s How They Compare To Their Manila Counterpart

When it comes to food, everyone has their personal preferences. I recently had the opportunity to try some delicious dishes in Baguio City and couldn’t help but draw comparisons to their Manila counterparts. Keep in mind that these comparisons are solely based on my personal preference, but I hope they provide some insights for your culinary adventures. Let’s dive into the delicious world of Baguio versus Manila food!

1.) GoodTaste Restaurant Vs. Chowking

One of the first comparisons I made was between GoodTaste Restaurant in Baguio and the well-known Chowking in Manila. Both are Chinese-influenced restaurants, and I couldn’t resist trying their dishes.

At GoodTaste Restaurant, I ordered a Lechon Chapsuey Rice and was pleasantly surprised. For just 135 pesos, I received a generous serving that included soup and condiments. The pork meat was plentiful, and the dish was loaded with vegetables. The taste was exquisite, especially considering the affordable price. GoodTaste’s offering seemed quite underrated.

GoodTaste’s Lechon Chapsuey Rice

Now, comparing this to Chowking’s Chicken Lauriat in Manila, I found a significant difference. Chowking’s dish was slightly more expensive, coming close to 200 pesos when you include a drink. While the Lauriat includes pancit to make the consumer feel full, I couldn’t help but think it’s not as healthy as GoodTaste’s Chapsuey. In the end, I prefer GoodTaste over Chowking due to the better taste, price, serving size, and nutritional value.

2.) Street Taho

In Baguio, the mangtatahos offer strawberry taho, a unique twist that you don’t often find in Manila. Intrigued by this fruity variation, I decided to give it a try.

However, I have to say that Baguio’s strawberry taho turned out to be overrated. It wasn’t as sweet as I expected, and I found myself missing the classic taho with arnibal syrup. While the presentation of Baguio’s strawberry taho is visually appealing and the fruit gives it a touch of class, I prefer the original taho that you can find in many other places in Manila for a nutritious breakfast.

Strawberry Taho at Burnham Park, Baguio

3.) Dimsum at Danes Bake Shop vs. Siomai House

Baguio’s Danes Bake Shop and Siomai House in Manila offer affordable dimsum options. I decided to compare the two based on their pricing and taste.

Danes dimsum in Baguio costs just 20 pesos for four pieces, while Siomai House charges 40 pesos for the same quantity. In terms of pricing, Danes is the clear winner.

Danes Bake Shop in Baguio City. Beef siomai dimsums

When it comes to taste, I found Danes dimsum to be more enjoyable. The meat in their dimsum was flavorful, while Siomai House’s dimsum occasionally had a taste reminiscent of fillers or additives, especially when they cooled down. To fully appreciate Siomai House’s dimsum, you need to consume them while they’re still hot and soft. Overall, I’d give the edge to Danes for both price and taste.

4.) Burgers at Danes Bake Shop vs. Angel’s Burger

Lastly, I couldn’t resist comparing the burgers from Danes Bake Shop in Baguio to those at Angel’s Burger in Manila.

Danes’ burgers come at a pocket-friendly price of 15 pesos each. On the other hand, Angel’s Burger offers a “Buy 1, Take 1” deal for 40 pesos, which might seem like a great deal, but upon closer inspection, it seems like you’re essentially paying around 20 pesos per burger considering its cheap ingredients. This marketing strategy left me slightly perplexed.

Danes Bake Shop’s 15 peso burger

In terms of taste, both burgers were similar, but Danes’ burger stood out for one reason – it had cucumber, just making it a tad-bit better. Also, I didn’t feel like I was being tricked into buying two burgers when I ordered from Danes Bake Shop using strange marketing techniques, which was a plus.

While personal preference plays a significant role in these comparisons, the food scene in Baguio City undeniably offers some unique and wallet-friendly culinary experiences. From the affordable and delicious offerings at GoodTaste Restaurant to the flavorful dimsum at Danes Bake Shop, Baguio has its own charm when it comes to food. However, sometimes, the classic flavors of Manila, like traditional taho and familiar burger options, hold their own special place in our hearts. The best way to decide which one you prefer is to try them yourself. Happy eating!

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