Nonie’s Bistek Tagalog: A Very Memorable, Must Try Dish In Boracay

On my first trip to Boracay, I asked my friends and family for their recommendations on what to do or try there. My sister excitingly suggests that I should go to a restaurant called Nonie’s and try their Bistek Tagalog. She claims it’s the best she ever had and it’s something quite memorable for her. So I went ahead and rode a shuttle from my hotel to Boracay’s Station 2, where the venue is located.

Entrance of Nonie's restaurant in Boracay
Entrance of Nonie’s restaurant in Boracay

The first thing that I noticed as I came inside was that the food on the customers’ tables looked healthy. Smoothies and vegetables were all around giving colorful vibes for brunch goers. The restaurant isn’t big so tables can easily get occupied during peak seasons. But it was also convenient that the place was just a walking-distance to the famous White Beach. It’s a good brunch spot in Boracay.

After giving my order to a pleasant waitress, I did a little background research online about Nonie’s and found out that they’re huge advocates for sustainable business practices and healthy delicious foods. They source their ingredients locally and have a transparent partnership with organic farmers to ensure the best quality produce for their dishes. As a customer, this is a huge deal for me. I’ve been really interested in dinning at places where my health is also taken cared of and not just my taste buds.

Nonie's: earthly themed interiors and sustainable furnishings
Nonie’s: earthly themed interiors and sustainable furnishings

When my Bistek Tagalog order finally came to my table, I was a bit pessimistic on how it would taste because it looked like a typical Salisbury steak and nothing special to it. I even thought to myself that it was just a “pinasosyal na burger steak“. It wasn’t too appealing for me at first, but after digging into my first bite it just blew me away. This is a game changer!

Nonie's Bistek Tagalog on a pate
Nonie’s Bistek Tagalog for P490

This Bistek Tagalog dish is braised brisket of beef, with bistek sauce, seasonal greens, local buffalo cheese served with sweet potato mash and a side of onions. The meat is crispy on the outside and tender inside which gives a perfect munchie feeling on every bite. I also loved snacking on the grilled onion which was also partnered with lightly breaded onion rings.

Nonie's Bistek Tagalog with tender meat
Nonie’s Bistek Tagalog

The bistek sauce wasn’t overpowering so there was no need for rice. It had a lighter volume to its taste but isn’t bland at all. No need for salt or other condiments, the flavor stands firm on its own. I feel like this sauce can go well with any other grilled or pan-seared steaks. For me it beats gravy or barbecue sauces. This is Pinoy food done right.

The mashed sweet potato was a nice partner to the meat. It had a generous amount so I’d say it was good for two. It had a creamy taste and texture to it which is almost like gata (coconut milk/cream). I’m not sure if it did had gata but the creaminess hinted it.

mashed sweet potato
mashed sweet potato

All in all it was a great experience to try it. It felt like it was something familiar but new at the same time. It had it its own magic and I’m not just saying that for the sake of a good review. It truly was amazing and it’s something I’d try again if ever I go back to Boracay.

Nonie’s location

Nonie’s is located at: Station X, Hue Hotels and Resorts, Balabag Boracay, 5608 Aklan

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