My Favorite Shawarma And Kabab Restaurant In Tomas Morato

My Favorite Shawarma And Kabab Restaurant In Tomas Morato

Seemin Persian Kabab Restaurant

Off the corner of Tomas Morato Ave and E Rodriguez Ave, lies a humble little shawarma and kebab restaurant that I frequently dine in. Seemin Persian Kabab Restaurant offers Persian and Middle Eastern food at an affordable price.

Why I like it here

There are now plenty of popular food stalls or kiosks popping up in malls and other public places that also offer shawarmas. But often times when I order from them, I find myself cheated by these kiosks when the food that they prepare only has tid-bits of ingredients spread out evenly on the pita bread to make it look plentiful. And what makes me really annoyed is that sometimes, the meat they use tastes sweet like Tocino!

These rip-off shawarma stalls charge an average of P80 to P100 and they only put a few strips of meat and vegies. I love shawarma but the business practices of these kinds vendors often lure me away from buying from them. In fact, I could say that I hated shawarma for some time because of these vendors. But not until I visited Seemin Persian Kabab Restaurant in Tomas Morato Ave. in Quezon City.

Seemin Persian Kabab Restaurant - Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine
This is located at corner of Tomas Morato and E Rodriguez Ave’s in Quezon City. It’s beside Shell gas station.

I usually order the beef “Shawarma on Plate”. It’s only P120 and it’s guaranteed that you’ll be getting a decent amount of ingredients for what you’ve paid for. A generous amount of meat and vegies that’s almost good for two. Just add an extra P15 and they’ll give you and extra pita bread.

Seemin Persian Kabab Restaurant - shawarma on plate
Shawarma on Plate
Seemin Persian Kabab Restaurant - Pita bread
Shawarma on plate comes with one pita bread. But you can add extra for P15
Seemin Persian Kabab Restaurant - Special sauces
Of course they also have their own special condiments
Seemin Persian Kabab Restaurant - eat
This is how I eat it. I mix up the plate, put some of it on the bread, add the sauces, and take a really good bite on it.
Seemin Persian Kabab Restaurant - menu
What else to eat here? Here’s a look at their menu
Seemin Persian Kabab Restaurant - dessert
Let’s try their dessert. I ordered the Mango Yogurt. It’s plain yogurt with ripe mango
Seemin Persian Kabab Restaurant - Mango Yogurt
Plain yogurt is of course too sour for the average Filipino taste, that’s why they did a great job in putting our favorite fruit in it to sweeten it up

The ambiance of this restaurant is humble. You can choose to eat outside, inside, or at the second floor. I think they have karaoke at the second floor since I would hear people singing there after office hours. They have lavatories for both male and female. I don’t think they take credit cards here, so just bring some cash just to be sure. I was also pleasantly surprised with the fast turn-around of my orders.

Seemin Persian Kabab Restaurant - inside
Clean and adequate dining area, shishas and beverages on display. Fast turn-around of orders
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