Jollibee VS. McDonalds: Who Has The Better French Fries?

Jollibee VS. McDonalds: Who Has The Better French Fries?

Jollibee and McDonalds are the two top fast food chains in the Philippines. In every corner of Metro Manila and in every mall, you’ll definitely find branches of these two giants. We know that both offer distinct tastes of their own burgers, spaghetti, and fried chickens. So to say who has the better meals would boil down to the individual’s preferences. But one item from their menu is so underratedly important that it becomes the unique selling point for these restaurants to most customers. That is the french fries.

The french fries of these fast food chains are the only ones that do not change recipes nor get pulled off from the menu when sales are low. As a matter of fact, this simple meal add-on accounts for a lot of the profits they would make. That’s why when you order a meal from any of these restaurants, they would always ask you if you would like to “up-size” your fries (including your drink). The bigger you go, the more profits they rake.

Now since they earn so much from their french fries, I think we consumers have the right to compare which offers the best one too.¬† And I have my crosshairs on Jollibee’s Jolly Crispy Fries¬†versus McDonald’s French Fries. Since they’ve been rivals here in the Philippines for so long now. Plus their branches are everywhere giving us little options.

I’d like to compare them based simply on taste and consistency. And then the same criteria after one hour and 30 minutes of not eating them.

1st challenger: Jollibee’s Jolly Crispy Fries

Jollibee VS. McDonalds: Who Has The Better French Fries?This tastes like Pringles original flavored potato chips, only with volume. It’s nicely crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Just the right amount of salt and no need for ketchup.

After an hour and a half: It’s still crispy. A little soggy on the inside but definitely edible and still yummy. I’d finish eating it.

2nd challenger: McDonald’s French Fries

Jollibee VS. McDonalds: Who Has The Better French Fries?This tastes good while it’s still warm. As it becomes colder, it starts to taste like wood or card board like. You’ll have to dip it in ketchup to appreciate it as it gets colder.

After an hour and a half: Once it’s cold, it definitely tastes like wood and it’s not as chewy as when it was still warm. It’s like you’re chewing on card board. I don’t mind giving some leftovers to my friends.


I like Jollibee’s fries better. It’s a little cheaper too and their service seems to be faster.

It’s a good thing McDonald’s has now started using their Menu kiosks to speed things up. In fairness, I do like their burgers better than Jollibee’s.

This is for you, good sir! Hi 5!

But going back to the topic, in my opinion, Jolly Crispy Fries is better than McDonald’s fries.

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