What You Don’t Know About Jollibee’s Chickenjoy

Jollibee Chickenjoy

You’ve been eating Chicken Joy from Jollibee the wrong way all your life. Here’s what you didn’t know…

For years I have also been eating the Jolly Chicken Joy the wrong way as well. The wrong way would just to eat it with gravy like in their commercials. But since I discovered a new way on how to enjoy it even more, my Chicken Joy eating habits have never been the same again. It was a regular day, I was eating with my friend when I noticed that he asked for hot sauce from the Jollibee staff. To my surprise, they do stash some behind the counter. I wondered where he would use it because normally I just put hot sauce on pizza, tacos, burritos etc. I saw him dunk his chunky piece of chicken joy into the hot sauce and enjoy his whole meal. I got curious as to what it tastes like and boy was my mind blown to pieces. I don’t know what brand of hot sauce Jollibee uses but it perfectly compliments the taste of their Chicken Joy. After having my first taste of the hot sauce x chicken joy, I never touched their gravy again. There were times that I had ordered it for take out and forgotten to ask for hot sauce. I tried using another brand, but it’s just not the same.

Whenever I opt for delivery, I specifically ask for that glorious hot sauce and wouldn’t back down until the operator has understood its significance. I wondered if many people knew about this but it seems that no one even asks for it when ordering. It maybe because they don’t know it exists because they hide it like a treasure not to be shared with the world. Well, it is a treasure and a treasure that’s meant to be shared with the world. Jollibee should make more of that hot sauce. Their sales might even skyrocket if they start advertising it. You’re welcome everyone.

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