This Is The Saddest Grab Ride Ever!

You’ve probably heard of several unpleasant Grab experiences and stories on the news and on the net. But so far, Jobim Javier’s experience is probably the saddest of them all.

Jobim Javier (@jobimism), a radio DJ, posted a public tweet on Twitter about a heartbreaking story of how his Grab driver caught his wife cheating.

CAUTION: Extreme heartbreak ahead, prepare your tissue.

It turns out that the unnamed driver’s wife accidentally called him on his cellphone which was currently connected to the car’s speaker via bluetooth!

After a few hello’s from the driver and no response from the wife, here’s what they heard over the phone

They hear the woman from the other side of the phone giggling and seems to be flirting with someone whom she calls “daddy”. She tells him to let go of her panties while giggling. She totally has no idea that her husband and her husband’s passenger are able to listen to what is happening on her end.

After a few moments of this, the driver couldn’t handle it anymore and decides to hangup.

Of course, no matter how hard it is to be cheated on, letting “it” go wouldn’t be easy in a split second. More than love, people would prefer to hear the truth. So the driver decides to call his wife back and see it himself.

The driver demanded to know where she was and the woman tried to make up a story that she went out to buy milk for their child. And when she was asked who she was calling “daddy”, she literally said it was her father that she was referring to. Her excuses started sounding dumber and dumber. The driver finally dared to call her father to see if they are indeed together, that’s how she got cornered and finally cracked and started crying. She was probably giving a heart felt apology when the driver decides to hang up a second time.

Perhaps at this point, too much was going on this man’s mind.


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