4 Things We Learned From Cesar Montano’s Viral “Happy Birthday” Video

Cesar Montano Viral Birthday Greeting Video

On October 30, a video of Cesar Montano has been widely shared and ridiculed in social media sites. The actor was seen in the video greeting a Kagawad a “happy birthday” but the seemingly friendly video had more in store for its viewers.

At the background of Montano’s viral video, a woman can be seen walking in and out of the shot also appears to be naked. It is yet unknown who the woman was and the main source of the video has been deleted already. But even though the main source has been taken down, many social media users were still able to get a hold of the video and share it in their own accounts.

Many netizens are now once again pondering on the effects of the internet and what it can do to our personal lives. Here are some things we should consider before clicking that “Post” button:

1.) Think before you click

This phrase has been emphasized plenty of times yet people still forget to review their material before posting them online. This may have severe consequences especially if the post has some undesirable contents.

2.) Social media can expose who you really are

Social media is a huge gossip machine and the participants are numerous.

Many personalities have been exposed by their own wrong doing online. Politicians, celebrities, and even non-famous people from around the world have been exposed as bigots and weirdos.  So if you have a double-life or a double-personality, you might want to be very careful with social media. People just love playing-detective.

3.) People will make fun of your “accidents”

Let’s face it, people didn’t come to the internet to learn morals and many netizens have low standards of humor. Expect that your “accidents” will be made fun of.

In the height of Cesar Montano’s viral birthday greeting video, many have now created their own parodies of it. People have made their own video where they’re greeting someone and a naked person would also be at the background. Some commentators would even pair Montano’s video to the Halloween theme saying things like “uso talaga ngayon ang mga white lady“.

4.) What you share on the internet will stay on the internet forever

The original video source has been removed almost as quick as it was posted. But someone was able to download the video and spread it like wild fire. That video is now in many people’s possession. It’s in servers, flash drives, phone memories, etc. You name it, it’s most probably there waiting to be re-uploaded and shared.


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