“Here I Go”, Heartbreaking Last Words of Brian Velasco

"Here I Go", Heartbreaking Last Words of Brian Velasco

Earlier today, fans of the rock band Razorback were shock to witness its drummer, Brian Velasco, apparent suicide in a live stream on Facebook. On the video that has now been removed from his account, Brian can be seen in a sad state on a high level of a building. With tearful eyes hidden by his sun glasses, he mentions his last farewells to the people he loves before leaping over to fall off to his death.

 “Here I go”

I was left speechless when a friend of mine showed me the video of Brian. I couldn’t properly make out everything that he was saying except the last three words before he jumped. “Here I go”. I didn’t know him personally, nor was I a huge fan of him. But I knew others were. I knew his music, together with his band, made a difference on other people’s lives. Even before the video ended, I already knew what was about to happen and deep in my heart I was begging him not to do it.

I am so saddened by this that I couldn’t stop asking myself: “What thoughts pushed him to do that? Could this have been prevented? Should someone be blamed for this? ”. I just couldn’t understand it. But perhaps I’m also not one to discuss or analyze too.

The shock of his unfortunate passing has brought a new awareness to an already stigmatized mental health topic in the Philippines. Part of this is probably because Filipinos are often described as resilient and happy people whose close family ties and friendships act as a support group for any sort of problems he/she may have in life. So depression is often overseen or just dismissed as “may pinagdadaanan lang“. But we do not know for sure Brian Velasco’s reasons for taking his own life, perhaps it is also best to have that part left private within his close peers. We must allow Brian’s family to mourn in peace.

All my respect, prayers, and condolences goes to his family and love ones.

As for Brian Velasco’s Facebook account, it is currently being handled by someone close to him through Facebook’s Legacy Contact. Fans can still visit his account in remembrance of him.

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