Ricci Rodriguez, Rising Freelance Professional Makeup Artist in Quezon City

Having Ricci Rodriguez do your makeup for any special occasion will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your life. Founder of RMR Makeup Artistry, he is fast becoming the go-to freelance professional makeup artist in Quezon City.

This bubbly person has gained quite a recognition for his fine skills. A growing number of followers and patrons are now opting for his personalized services rather than going to traditional hair and makeup salons. His affordable rates and professionalism makes him appealing to clients as well, making him a staple of beauty services among Quezon City residents. 

Even as a freelancer, this isn’t just an ordinary side hustle for him. He is out to make a name for himself. The high demand for his services proves that he has tapped into a booming makeup industry and has positioned himself right at a good spot of it

Passion and drive

Our first impression about Ricci is that he’s the type of person you’ll easily like. He’s the type of makeup artist who doesn’t mind showing up early in the morning for your special day. When he puts his hands on you, all you need to do is sit back and relax. He’ll make you feel at peace so that by the time you get up from your seat, you’ll look perfect for whatever occasion.

Ricci Rodriguez – founder of RMR Makeup Artistry

We’ve recently seen his incredible attitude towards his clients. When he does something, he does it a hundred percent. His key to succeeding as a freelance professional makeup artist is preparation and zeal for opportunity. But we’d like to know more about him so we decided to get a hold on Ricci for an interview despite his busy schedule this December. We’ve got 7 questions for him to find out more about his passion and drive.

1.) How long have you been a makeup artist?

18 Years as makeup artist aside from my regular job at a studio.

2.) What services do you offer?

RMR offers professional Hair and Makeup services that is guaranteed to last long. I only use high quality brands of cosmetics and other materials for my clients.

RMR for weddings

3.) What inspired you to start your own Makeup Artistry?

I would like to reinvent my career in the make up industry. Looking back from where I started, I have grown into something that I never expected and still looking forward to grow my career, do better and eventually to be a subject matter expert in my career of choice.  

4.) What makes you different from other makeup artists?

I think I’ve gained relevant knowledge regarding my craft through out the years since my days as a former Makeup Instructor at Ricky Reyes Learning Institute, where I not only do makeup but I analyze what makeup is best that suits my clients. I treat each of my clients with personal care and attention because they deserve it. Doing their makeup is not just about making them look pretty, it’s also about empowering them. 

RMR for special events and ceremonies

5.) What can your customers expect from you?

A friendly yet professional service that focuses not just on the physical attributes but also to provide a human touch approach to increase self esteem and radiate confidence. Connecting in a human level is part of the love that I put into my work. The best part of my job is seeing my client’s eyes gleam with happiness after finishing. Making them feel the magic of their hidden beauty is what they can expect from me.   

6.) What are your future plans for RMR Makeup Artistry? 

As of now I’m doing services for weddings, debuts, parties, and pictorials. In the coming years, I plan to be more hands on in partnering with events organizers and take challenging tasks even if it’s outside the region.

RMR for all other special occasions

7.) What can you advice other makeup artists who wants to follow your footsteps? 

Do not stop doing what you love, never give up on your passion. You will encounter people who are not happy with what you do. Regardless, keep going because these experiences can take you a long way.

Contact Ricci Rodriguez

Ricci Rodriguez is available for hair and makeup services. If you’re thinking of contacting him for all your makeup needs, don’t hesitate. Ricci is easy to talk to and you can set a schedule with him.

Call him at 09615173634

Once a schedule is set, RMR Makeup Artistry can come to your preferred location (at home, office, studio, etc.). While Zinnia Tower residents can come to Ricci’s home makeup studio, same building.

Services offered for:

  • Weddings
  • Beauty Pageants
  • Debut
  • Prenups
  • Graduations
  • Pictorials
  • also handles groups
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