En Route Distillery: Start Your Night Adventures Here in Tomas Morato, QC

enRoute Distillery entrance

Quezon City’s Tomas Morato is an exciting place at night. It has a variety of tastes for night lifers and night owls alike. When heading out for a fun filled night, sometimes you and your friends need a meeting place first before going all out to paint the town red. With flamboyant ambiance and hip crowds, En Route Distillery is a good spot for that purpose.

There’s no entrance fee here and the food and beverages are reasonably affordable. That makes it ideal for those who want to go on bar-hopping on a conscious budget. You wouldn’t feel hustled to overspend just to be able to stay. So it’s a great place to unwind a bit and even meet new people.

bar of enRoute Distillery
bar of En Route Distillery

When me and my friends go here, we find it a little difficult to find a table as the place is usually crowded on Fridays and Saturdays. But it should have a lighter horde of customers for the rest of the week.

It’s also a good kind of crowd. From the moment you walk in, you can actually feel how good the night is going to be. The kind of music they play puts the people at the right start of a party mood. Not a rave party like you find in clubs, but exactly the type that would make you vibe and dance.

They also have a pong table where people can have an exciting game. For me it gets a bit boring since I would rather enjoy the ambiance with light dancing and singing along fire songs. But it’s a fun thing to do with your companions and it’s something different from what other bars or clubs offer. Playing this is a good way to break the ice among new acquaintances.

En Route’s pong table

En Route Distillery has two floors that can accommodate a pretty huge crowd. You might miss out on a table but standing by the bar or some spots can be worth your while too.

One thing I would advise to them is they should have small lamps at each table that can provide a little bit more light. The place is understandably dark for ambiance purposes and uses the lightning from the bar to illuminate the place. But some areas are just really dark and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have small lamps on the tables. But this is just my thought and I guess it’s not a big deal for most patrons.

customers of enRoute Distillery
dim ambiance in En Route Distillery but all is fine

I recommend this venue as a meet up place with your friends to jump start a fun night especially if you’re planning to go to different other places afterwards. But if you’d rather just stay in one place all through out then this is a good choice too. It’s also an ideal place to bring your date.

people sitting by the bar of enRoute Distillery
people sitting by the bar of En Route Distillery

En Route Distillery location and contact

En Route Distillery is located at: 198 Tomas Morato, cor Scout Delgado, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Phone: 0917 580 5118

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