PICTURES: P. Burgos, Early Hours of a Red-Light District in Makati City

P. Burgos, Early Hours of a Red-Light District in Makati City

P. Burgos street is conveniently situated within Makati City’s commercial and business district. People go here at night when malls have closed and office hours are done. It’s not exactly a family friendly place but it’s a fairly safe spot for people who are looking for some adult fun. Considering that most establishments here offer clean attractions, calling it a red-light district might be a bit unfair. So we’ll just call it a “night-life” district.

Although small compared to the other night-life districts in Metro Manila, P. Burgos packs a good punch of experience for many tourists. Restaurants of international cuisines, cool bars and cafes, and the cheerful people are just some of the things you can enjoy other than the hip ambiance here. It’s a great place to go on bar-hopping too and meet new friends if you’re into that kind of excitement. I honestly think it’s a good place to bring a date or to look for one. People here are interesting and open, coming from different walks of life.

It is true that prostitutes are a common sight here, it’s still also important to take note that most of the establishments here do-way with anything that has something to do with the sex trade and dangerous drugs. Private security is plentiful here and police also roam around for the safety of the people.

Photographer: Earl John Ramos

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