Amnezia Super Club: Party And Entertainment In One Go (Tomas Morato, QC)

people partying at the club in Amnezia

To party and be entertained at the same time is what Amnezia Super Club offers differently from other party establishments. This club has an “all inclusive” vibe to it that even those who are not used to the night life wouldn’t feel out of place.

When I first came here, I was pretty surprised that they had a small stage at the front where a few number of shows were held. They usually have dancers performing on it but would also have singers/rappers often too. So it’s not just DJing but also a variety of things that boosts up the party ambiance.

I noticed that it’s not a big place but adequate enough to hold a sizable crowd. Entrance fee is P300 and it comes with a free drink, which I think was rum mixed with cola.

See what’s inside Amnezia Super Club

The food was alright I guess. I was only able to try their mozzarella cheese sticks and pasta carbonara. Nothing too memorable on those but I’m sure some of the other foods they offer are fine too. I don’t think they’re known for food but more on the welcoming atmosphere. I feel like you don’t need to be good looking or stylishly dressed to come here. Just come as who you are and have as much fun.

Amnezia’s Location

Amnezia Super Club is located at: 212 Tomas Morato Corner Doctor Lazcano MYL Building, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila

Phone: 0949-732-5332 / 0995-302-5471
Opens: 8PM – 5AM

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