Halalan: Allegiance To Country Or Allegiance To Politicians?

Halalan: Allegiance To Country Or Allegiance To Politicians?

I believe that the people of a democratic nation deserves the type of government they have. Think about it. Our constitution has given us so much freedom, rights, and opportunities and yet we take them for granted. Filipinos have continued to elect the worst of the worst. Celebrities, liars, land grabbers, plunderers, war lords, and hypocrites. And some of them have been reelected or are still popular even after being exposed for their crimes and scandals. And we still ironically blame the government for our misfortunes and slow progress.

I am saddened by the fact that many Filipinos lack the will to educate themselves and would rather accept the loudest and most bullish public opinion. Therefore, politicians only see the need to make aggressive political noises rather than offer real resolutions to problems and future needs. Unfortunately, the loudest seems to always win.

There’s always a hype within the masses on rooting for their patron politicians during election seasons.¬†Filipinos should understand that fanatically supporting and fighting for a candidate is not the same as patriotism. Yes we want to celebrate our suffrage but we have to keep in mind that we still need to stick with the current issues of our country. We need to be very objective with what candidates are saying and be very scrutinous with their efforts and answers.

Voting is for our country, not for the politician. We need to look after our nation’s interests and not the candidates image.

Some issues we need to tackle:

  • Unfavorable laws to certain groups of people or businesses/livelihoods.
  • Too much taxes are raising the prices of basic commodities.
  • Too much regulations are driving away investors and slowing businesses.
  • The country’s need for cheaper and efficient energy.
  • Quality education and proper funding of public schools.
  • Military modernization and anti-terrorism.
  • Rule of law and proper judicial proceedings.
  • Protection of the independent authorities of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government.
  • Assistance to boost key industries.
  • Environment and public health issues.
  • The protection of freedom of speech and right to privacy.
  • The country’s debts.
  • The integrity of our sovereignty and territory.
  • Public safety and crime rates.
  • Illegal drugs and narco-government officials.
  • Intentions of our foreign partners/investors.

Here are some things we should think first before voting:

  • Just because the only requirement for candidates is “can read and write” doesn’t mean we should settle for less.
  • You won’t allow a clown to handle a doctor’s job. So why would you allow misfits to make laws for your country? What do you have to gain from it?
  • Does this politician only recycle old laws when making new ones?
  • Is this candidate trying to change something that doesn’t need to be changed?
  • Has this candidate been exposed for past crimes and scandals?
  • Is this candidate a proven liar?
  • Is he/she a troll? Did you only get to know him/her from a viral public display of arrogance or publicity stunts?
  • Did this candidate come from a political dynasty?
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