Anthony Bourdain, The Filipinos Will Miss You. Rest In Peace

Anthony, when you came to the Philippines, you weren’t just some foreigner on a leisure trip. You made sure you took time with the people, listening to our stories, dining with us,¬†walking in our shoes.

You once said “Filipinos are, for reasons i have yet to figure out, probably the most giving of all people on the planet.” This is one of the most beautiful things someone has said about us. It’s easy for foreigners to see the ugly side of a third world country, but to see the beauty, one must truly walk the humble path and live in the moment with full gratitude and appreciation.¬† This was you to us, a humble man.

When you had a Jollibee meal

This was a real treat for us to see a world class chef eat at the most popular fast food chain in the Philippines. It almost seemed you were confused, specially when you put that “brown stuff” on the rice.

When you had Sisig with us

How we wish we could have one last bottle of beer with you and a hot sizzling plate of Sisig.

When you had Adobo with us

Adobo is such a basic dish for us, but any food, no matter how basic would definitely be an amazing experience to eat with you.

When you had Halo Halo with kids

It must have been a bit awkward to sit on a stool, eating a tasty treat, while curious kids watched you. But no sense of awkardness is stopping the great Anthony Bourdain from trying something new.

When you had a Christmas party with us and played games

I hope you enjoyed your stay here with us and that beautiful Lechon.


So many questions are going in our minds. Why does it have to end that way? Death at 61 is still too young, specially for a man with an adventurous heart. We will miss you, we will truly miss you.

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