The Rise Of Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads

Millennials are now opting for careers that would allow them to enjoy life and work at the same time. Many of them are not following the footsteps of the previous generation in terms of career and financial matters. Perhaps many of them grew up in a secured family where their parents had a 9-5 job, who woke up early in the morning to face traffic and work in a 4-walled office space for many years. Not exactly an ideal life for young people these days. Or perhaps, the world has become so much closer through technology that there are actually some new options that are better.

Being a Digital Nomad is one career millennials are getting into.

But what is a Digital Nomad?

The rapid advancements of technology didn’t only bring us new gadgets, but it also brought us new jobs. In demand jobs! Specially in the IT industry.

Nowadays, more and more people are willing to use their available technology at hand, like their personal laptop, to earn a living. With good internet connection, people can do business with other people from around the world. One can set up a startup company at home, hire someone from the Philippines as his developer and another from Vietnam as his backend staff.

Digital Nomads are people who do not have to be tied up in one place to do their job or business. They can work remotely for anyone from anywhere around the world for as long as they have reliable and affordable internet access and proper equipment like a good laptop. They can communicate with their clients and employers through emails and even make video conferences with web cams.

Being independent and flexible with your work life without compromising your personal life is the main goal of Digital Nomads.

Is it safe to be a Digital Nomad?

Yes it is. Digital Nomads are free to choose their work environment. You can work from your home, thus eliminating the need to force yourself through hazardous traffic commutes. You can work in a coffee shop or try something more liberating like some adventurous digital nomads had even worked by the tropical beaches in Bali. The possibilities are endless.

They’re also able to choose their coworkers if they wish to work in a team.

What are some more good things about it?

  1. You get to name your price for your service.
  2. Internet access is cheap nowadays.
  3. You get to choose who you work with and where you work.
  4. More freedom and work flexibility may mean more time for yourself and to enjoy life.
  5. Being able to work with people from around the world allows you to tap into the job markets of other countries, giving you more opportunities and options.
  6. Limited and relaxed regulations can help you become more creative and competitive.

How do you earn money through it?

Some people look for clients and employers through the internet. The websites Freelancer and Upwork are good websites where you can find people who would pay you for your services.  They can pay you at an hourly rate or fixed rates. It really depends on your agreement. You can also advertise your brand or services in popular social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin. Some get sponsorship for the works that they do. Others like entrepreneurs have investors investing on their ideas.

Though there are some people who are willing to pay with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for your services, the most popular way to get paid is still through Paypal. It’s fast and reliable.

What are some works digital nomads do?

Anything that you can do on a laptop. If you can do it independently and make money out of it, then why not?

  • programming jobs
  • graphics designing
  • video or photo editing
  • 3D artist
  • ecommerce
  • writting, blogging, vlogging
  • online marketing
  • some people even do customer service or chat support


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