Diadora Shoes, A Pretty Awesome Purchase

Diadora Shoes A Pretty Awesome Purchase - Diadora Shoes Review

As I’ve received my 13th month pay last December, I’ve decided to treat myself by buying some new clothes and shoes. I wanted to have new things for myself to celebrate the upcoming new year. Since mall culture is such a big thing in the Philippines, the best place to go for shopping is a mall department store. So I went to SM Cubao.

I planned to buy just one pair of running shoes but I ended up buying another pair of trainer shoes from Diadora. What made me interested was their designs. Some were simplistic like the ones I bought, and some were a bit for the younger generation I suppose. But what really caught me was the price. At that time, SM was selling for 50% to 70% off. Diadora shoes sells at an average of Php4000 and up, so being able to get them at huge discount was a sweet deal.

I’ve never had this brand for shoes before so I never knew how it’ll keep up with my lifestyle. I’m usually the type who walks around for hours. I’m not joking, I love walking. I walk to work and back home with only little commute on the weekdays, I jog 3-4 times a week, and I spend my time wondering around Metro Manila on the weekends.  There’s plenty of foot work for me all through my day-to-day life.  So shoes can pretty much get worn out easily by me.

I’ve had these shoes for 2 months now and I’ve used them on a daily basis. I like them. I like them enough to ditch my other shoes for two months and counting. I think Diadora is seriously an underrated brand and I plan to buy more of them in the near future.

Diadora review for running shoes

I got these pair of dark blue running shoes and what I mostly like about it is that it still hasn’t left any visible marks or dents. I’ve jogged in this, pushed-up, and even had people accidentally step on it in crowded trains and buses.

I also like the leather pads around it, it kinda makes it feel more durable despite being lightweight. The mesh is good quality and compensates for breathability. I haven’t seen any tears on it yet and it ads to the flexibility of the shoe as well. The soles are also tough on the outside and soft inside, perfect combination of bendability and comfort. I’ve walked in these on wet tiles before and it seems like it has a good grip on the floor, I never slid with it.

Diadora shoes review

Diadora review for trainer shoes

I’ve never had white shoes before so I was a bit hesitant to buy these pair of trainers. But I was also willing to upgrade my fashion statement so I went with it and bought it together with the running shoes.

The fitting of this is perfect for my feet, very comfortable, breathable, and also light. The design of it is quite special too and I’ve seen people starring at them. An older lady even went up to me and say “ang cute naman ng colors ng sapatos mo” (Eng: the colors of our shoes are cute).

They’re also very durable. I’ve even walked in these for nearly a whole 4 kilometers from U.N. Ave LRT station to the Cultural Center of the Philippines through the stretch of Roxas Boulevard by  Manila Bay. But it’s still in great condition. The only problem is that it easily gets dirty since they’re white.

Diadora shoes review

I’m usually a “jeans and shirt” kind of guy. I’m not a high fashion person so it’s easy to not notice me in public. But I feel that the shoes kinda attracts a bit of attention. Like I’ve said, I’ve seen people looking at it and some even complimenting it. So I’ve made it a habit to clean it each time I go home to have it sparkling ready for the next day. I use an old toothbrush that’s damped with water to brush away the dirt. I also use a little bit of detergent to break down tougher stains.

I have never submerged these shoes in water yet and I hope it never comes to that, unless it’s really necessary to clean them that way. When that time comes, I hope the colors would stay undepleted.

Diadora shoes review
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