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Ian Darcy Fragrance

The lockdown in Metro Manila has become lenient in the past weeks. Sooner or later, things could get back to normal as pharmaceutical companies are showing great progress with their research and development for a vaccine. So I’m trying to prepare myself for that “big day” when we’re all able to go out with friends or meet new people.

When that day comes, I want to make a good first impression. Meaning, I want to look good and smell good.

That got me into thinking of buying a new perfume. But what usually stops me from doing so is that they’re usually expensive. The cheaper ones aren’t good either. Not to mention, sales clerks from department stores often annoy me with their sales tactics. Trying to make me spend more than what’s necessary.

But when I came to an Ian Darcy perfumery stall at a local mall, things became much more interesting for me. It was being managed by a wonderful saleslady who knew how to be patient with novices like me. She didn’t rushed into selling me anything but took her time to get to know me and my style first. I was asked what sort of perfume brand am I familiar with or looking for. I wasn’t really knowledgeable with any brands, all I told her was that I wanted to smell like a rich man haha. From that point, she introduced me to a variety of scents. They had oil-based perfumes both for men and women. They had samples that are inspired by big brands such as Polo Sport, Hugo Boss, and Mont Blanc. She even suggested which perfumes with deeper scents to use for dates and which lighter ones would be good for everyday use. 

At the end, she helped me pick one that I truly liked. I got the one inspired by Mont Blanc.


Each glass bottle for 100 ML costs only P350. The stall at Gateway Mall in Araneta Center has a holiday promo for 3 bottles for only P1000. Once purchased, the items are nicely packaged with a shopping paper bag. I think this would be a great Christmas present for those who are looking for ideas.

Ian Darcy perfumes

Ian Darcy have variations of products. For men, they have more that what I’ve mentioned above, items reminiscent to popular brands like Acqua Di Gio and Eclat. And for women, they have ones inspired by Versace Bright Crystal, Paris Hilton CanCan, Burberry Weekend, and more. I’m not sure if they have their own signature scent, but I hope that they would come up of their own. I’d definitely be very interested of that. I would one day like to see a Filipino brand like this become a contender to international ones.

Online Shop

It looks like they’ve got branches in malls across the country

But for those interested in buying online or seeing more of their products, you can check out their online store at Lazada. Click here.

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