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Here’s my review on this wonderful indie movie.

Far from the usual, there is no doubt why the film “Kita Kita” is a hit breaker in the Filipino film industry. While grandiose film companies team up two popular young couples like Jadine and Kathniel, this film by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo is a stranger to the big screens. It makes use of two opposing characters, Empoy Marquez as Tonyo and Alessandra de Rossi as Lea. Lea, with her serious character who is indeed sob-worthy, is best complemented by Tonyo who gives a hint of humor in every scene of the film.

In the movie, by which Lea is a blind tourist guide of Sapporo, meets her next-door neighbor Tonyo. Tonyo gives most of his time and attention to Lea, even perpetuating his care for her by saying the words, “Eh ano kung bulag ka? Ako naman ang magsisilbing mga mata mo eh”. The script was well-written and deemed to touch its audiences. Indeed, Kita Kita is a worth-the-cry movie where you’ll definitely cry right after the end of the film.

The edge of this movie from other movies is that it offers the right amount of wisdom without compromising the quality of the humor. The movie taught its audiences that physical appearance should not be a measure of love. It must not hinder someone from loving. In the movie, it showcased how raw and deep the conversations of the couple were. This gives the audience an idea that the physical attributes wither, the face will grow old, the skin will shrink, the eyes will blur, but the conversations you have had and will have with your partner is forever.

At the end of the day, the movie affected a lot of people because it shows a person’s regular battle in life.  It is to constantly show love to your loved ones and to not make them doubt the love that they deserve. In the movie, Tonyo died because of a vehicle accident. Though it is a cliché ending, the ending shows us that life is uncertain. Life is precious and it should not be taken for granted.

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