Raffy Tulfo, Still Poised To Be The Biggest Filipino YouTuber in 2021 And Here’s Why

Raffy Tulfo, Biggest Filipino YouTuber

With over 18.1 million subscribers, Raffy Tulfo is the Philippine’s most popular YouTuber. Since April 2016, his channel is known for exposing abuses of people in power and providing assistance to those in dire need. He has also helped people settle disputes, family/community problems, and police-citizen cooperation. Troubled OFW’s and impoverished people are often those who seek help from him in his shows.

Raffy Tulfo In Action has become a landmark in Filipino social media culture. A one-stop-shop about charity, social aid, governmental and legal information that has appealed quite well to the masses. But there’s more to it than just the popularity of his name that will make Raffy Tulfo remain as the biggest YouTuber of the country. There are some key strategies his team has developed over the years that has made him win the social media game.

He has a great social media marketing team

Raffy Tulfo has a great social media team. They have utilized platforms such as Facebook and Instagram quite well to boost their YouTube channel’s exposure. These platforms have given them access to a wide range of demographics that they’ve successfully influenced to be their followers by means of skillful marketing. They even have a TikTok account now which captures the younger audiences.

Perhaps their greatest social media marketing strategy is the use of #raffytulfoinaction. It’s an all in one power pack tactic that allows people to follow and share not just a certain trending topic, but the name brand itself too. With this one hashtag, his followers are effectively imprinting his name on a trending events on social media. Thus guaranteeing him the exposure before he could event talk about it.

He’s able to capitalize on current events

Raffy Tulfo is a veteran news reporter. He knows what he’s doing. And one thing that people from his industry is good at is capitalizing on current events.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Rather, this is something that many news and media companies do all the time. They take one trivial story and make it bigger than it needs to be. They do this by adding more segments to a story, like elongating it into many parts. Or having an expert weigh in with his opinion on the same topic, making it seem more important for the people to know more. And with the help of social media and effective click baiting, the outcome can be profitable for them.

One other good thing about current events for journalists is that they’ll never run out of it.

He maneuvers around the Filipino sentiments and emotions

Filipinos don’t watch the news just for the sake of knowing the news. They want news that are relatable, emotionally engaging, and mostly entertaining. And Raffy Tulfo’s production team knows this.

If it’s news about an impending stock market crash, most Filipinos are not going to watch it. More or less care about it. But if it’s news about “MISIS, NAHULI NI MISTER KASAMA SI KUMPARE SA MOTMOT (Part 1/2)” or “MISIS, SUMAMA SA BUMBAY. MISTER HUMINGI TULONG KAY IDOL RAFFY”, for some reason this types are more appealing to common folks.

He has empathy and sincere respect to people

To be the king of social media, one has to have empathy. Empathy goes a long way for anybody in this line of work and nobody has ever questioned Raffy Tulfo’s kindness. He’s a man who works non stop and has delivered his promises, often to people belittled by society.

Being in an impoverished country where the people can be abused by people in power, Filipinos will always favor those who are empathetic to them.

As my favorite social media influencer once said “Being nice is ROI positive” – Gary Vaynerchuk

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