Pond’s Men Acne Solution – Didn’t Work Well For Me

Pond's Men Acne Solution - Didn't Work Well For Me

Facial skin care is something we men often overlook and neglect. But it’s just as equally important as any type of grooming. That’s why I decided to start using facial wash products to properly cleanse my face. Instead of just using the same soap for my body, I went with Pond’s Men Acne Solution.

This facial wash is not only anti acne, but it also fights bacteria and oil with its patented technology. Seeing that “New Patented Tech” labeling on the front made me more curious about it. It made me think that it probably has something that the other facial wash brands don’t. So I bought a 100g size for P159 at Shopwise. A 50g size is also available for P89.

Pond's Men Acne Solution - Men's Product Review

Pond’s Men Acne Solution

The solution comes in a creamy light blue-green paste with a thick consistency. It’s easy to lather it on the face and easy to rinse off too. It smells a bit like medicine which wasn’t too bothersome for me. But I was hoping it would smell better for something you apply to your face.

It produces a cool and minty feeling on the skin after using it and does make your face feel refreshed.

Pond's Men Acne Solution - Men's Product Review

My verdict

I’ve used this for two months and I’m not satisfied with the results. I would wash my face with it once in the morning before going to work and once again at night before going to bed. I’ve noticed that my face would feel minty fresh immediately after using it. But after a few hours my face becomes oilier than normal. After a few days of using it, I started getting a some pimples too. So I stopped using it during the day and only used it at nights. Because I didn’t want my face to be oily while at work and I wanted to minimize the possibility of my skin getting more pimples. Which did happen every now and then during the period of usage.

Considering that it calls itself an “acne solution” and an “oil fighter”, I kinda felt disappointed with the results. So I would stop using it every now and then or just use it at night before sleeping.

I’ve also researched more about skin care and I found out that the skin might produce more oil when too much of it is cleansed off. When our face produces oil, it is actually its natural way of shielding the skin from the sun and other harmful elements.

Salicylic Acid is also an ingredient of this facial wash. It is a good remover of dead skins, oil, and dirt that can clog up pores. But when overused, it can cause your skin to be dry. The outcome could be an oilier skin because your body overcompensates for the lost oil by producing more of it.

Pond's Men Acne Solution - Men's Product Review

I don’t necessarily think that Pond’s Men Acne Solution is a bad product. It might be a facial wash that would perfectly work for some skins and not for some. Or perhaps it would work best when partnered with another facial care product. I really don’t know. But because it didn’t work well for me, I don’t think I can recommend this to anyone either.

For now I’m back to my regular bar of soap for my face.

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