First Day Dating Tips From A Woman


Dating has been a huge part of our culture since the 20th century. But for some reason, a lot of men still mess things up in the first day of dates. We’re not experts on the science behind the behavior of men on dating but we do have some tips for you guys. Here are some things we suggest men should take note of:

  • Men should pay for the date
  • Groom yourself
  • Learn the difference between confidence and arrogance
  • Make us admire you
  • Have EFFORT! Don’t give up!

1.) Men should pay for the date

Unless it’s the girl who asked you out, you should pay. If you’ve asked a girl out so you can try to impress her with hopes that she’d like you back, then don’t go on a date looking like a broke-ass fool. Fix your financial problems first before you invite someone into your life.

There are men who now argue that the bill should be split. This is a real turn off and it gives us women the impression that you’re spineless. You ask a woman out, you promise her a good time, then the woman gets out of her own way just to give you a chance, and then at the end you’ll want us to split the bill after you’ve taken us to an expensive venue?

If you ask someone to spend their time with you, then you pay. That’s just common courtesy. Spare us your mumbo-jumbo talk about equality and MGTOW opinions. Nobody wants arguments in their first date. Courting is making someone like you. Remember this!

2.) Groom yourself

Brush your mouth and put on some deodorant. Put on some decent clothes and show that girl how much of a good looking man you are. Even if you’re ugly, a good smelling cologne can take you a long way in the dating world. How you show yourself in public is very important to women. You don’t need to where branded apparels, the keyword here is “decent”.

I have a friend who left her date and went home early because she could smell her date’s stinky feet through his sandals. She made all the effort to look her best for him that day, but he came to their date wearing dirty shorts and sandals. When they were seated at the coffee shop, she couldn’t help but noticed that something was stinking. She would move back and forth trying to figure out where the uncomfortable smell was coming from only to figure out that it was his feet. After an hour, she made excuses so she can leave early.

Guys, sometimes, it’s the small things you neglect that can create the problems for you.

3.) Learn the difference between confidence and arrogance

Confidence is sexy, arrogance is not. Confidence is shown through intelligence, humor, and manners. Arrogance is through a false sense of pride and being toxic.

When we tell you to be yourself, what we mean is we prefer to see the real you rather than a fake persona you put upon yourself just to impress us. We want to fall in love to the real you so be bold of who you are. We know that you’re trying to impress us but creating a false impression about yourself isn’t going to help you either.

4.) Make us admire you

Leave her with a lasting impression. Make us admire you. If you can do this, then it’s guaranteed that you’ll get a second date. Heck, it’ll be guaranteed that you’ll be the dominant one if things develop into a relationship.

To figure out the what’s admirable about you, ask a female friend. Then exploit that in your date. We want to see your drive. Dating can also be the best time for you to asses and share you passions in life.

5.) Have EFFORT! Don’t give up!

The truth is, we women test men. Sometimes we say “no” just to see the guy’s reaction. By doing this, we are commonly mistaken to be “bitchy” but this is our practical way to know if we are really being taken seriously. We do this to see if the man we’re dating is really genuine. We do this to see how well he lives up to the expectation he has set for himself. We love men who can put up a good effort in fixing problems, it shows his maturity and boldness.

The saddest thing a man can do is give up.

These tips are not only for the benefit of women who’ll go on dates with you, this is also for you. After all, you do want to get the best outcome of your date, right?

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