Amelia, Rising Indie Band With “Advance Akong Magisip” – Live

Amelia, Rising Indie Band With Advance Akong Magisip - Live

One rainy Saturday night, I was looking for temporary shelter from the rain. I was in Rizal Park and I got into the Open Auditorium to spend some time there until the rain stop. It was perfect timing since the Open Auditorium usually have bands playing there on Saturdays. One particular band that pleasantly surprised me that night was Amelia.

Amelia band

Amelia is a Pinoy indie rock band fronted by Filipina-Australian singer Amelia Roberts.  The band played their original compositions, which made my day despite the ongoing storm and wet shoes. I just love hearing original songs, it’s like discovering something new and gives me hope for the future of the Filipino music industry.

Quite easy on the ears, they played songs on the alternative and mellow rock genre.

Bandang Amelia

Vocals : Amelia Roberts
Lead : Marc Cruz
Bass : Roderick Pani
Rythm : Jason San Sebastian
Drums : Roland Paras

Follow the band @amelia.pilipinas

Rising popularity

The band was was founded in 2014, so it’s still quite young with less than 5000 followers on their Facebook. Since then, they’ve been featured in DZEC Radyo Agila and Tee Radio and have also been seen in local concerts. I sincerely think that the future of OPM lies on the creativity and originality of artists and Amelia definitely has that factor.

One of their known songs that they played that night in Rizal Park was Unan.

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