A Well Needed Vacation In Boracay. With Hotel and Restaurant Recommendations

relaxing by the white sand beach of Boracay

Relaxing with a hint of thrills, that is how I would describe Boracay. A popular tourist destination Island about less than an hour of flight from Manila. It has always been in my bucket list to come here and spend my vacation. Now that I’ve made it, I’ll be sharing my account of this beautiful place.

I came to Boracay mainly to relax and have some time off from work. To be honest, I find this beach beautiful but there are a few disappointments. The beach has a very fine white sand. It’s almost like it’s powdered milk which I find cute. But the shores are littered with sea weeds which was a distraction for me. Magazines that feature this beach would usually show clean glimpses but now I’m thinking they’re probably photoshoped to look pristine.

White Beach Boracay
White Beach Boracay
Docked sails in White Beach Boracay

The sight of people enjoying their time adds to the charm of the beach. It’s as if you can meet people here and make friends. Have small talks or just long walks on the beach. As a solo traveler, it would make you feel alone and not alone at the same time.

The afternoon had a calm ambiance of people with cheerfulness in their smiles. A little noise here and there, but nothing too bothersome.

Tourists of Boracay
Life guards on watch in Boracay
surf boards and transparent rafts

Another thing I noticed is that there’s really not much hassle being here other than most things are a little bit expensive. I would say prices of commodities and services are fair considering supplies would have to be imported to his island. But you’ll definitely need a good budget to enjoy your stay here.

Cash is still king here. There are establishments that accept credit cards, but most will only take cash. Going around is easy, just hail an e-trike and they’ll pretty much take you where ever you need. I never felt scammed in any way. Everybody was nice and direct to the point.

I like how locals are cooperative with each other. There seems to be a system of harmony by the local government that allows businesses and workers to thrive while giving more convenience to tourists. But with these progressive efforts comes a boom in commercial constructions. Boracay has become highly commercialized and less about nature preservation. From the big businesses who got a good piece of a beach-view real estate for their shops, down to the vendors that offer you handicraft souvenirs and boat rides, everyone wants a piece of the pie. Boracay gives me this “business noise” that just tells me that I wont last in this place without a good budget.

Souvenir shops in Boracay
Restaurants with beach view
Boracay Uptown hotel

Restaurant recommendations in Boracay


I highly recommend going to Nonie’s and trying their Bistek Tagalog. I swear it’s one of the highlights of my trip. They serve healthy and locally sourced foods that would surely make you crave for more.

Nonie's Bistek Tagalog
Nonie’s Bistek Tagalog

Cafe del Sol

For coffee and desert, look for Cafe del Sol. Have a sweet Mango Cheesecake by the beach. They are also one of the pioneer coffee shops in Boracay located in Station 2’s D’mall, an outdoor shopping center.

Mango Cheesecake from Cafe del Sol
Mango Cheesecake from Cafe del Sol

Paraw Beach Club

Now if you just want a nice cold beverage and really lay back in front of a good view, go to Paraw Beach Club. But at nights, this venue becomes one of the wildest places to be in this island. I spent a few hours here just enjoying the scenery of the calm waves.

Paraw Beach Club in Boracay
Paraw Beach Club

Epic Boracay

Experience Boracay’s night life with another cool club called Epic. Good food, good music, and good crowd.

Epic Boracay at night

Hotel recommendation in Boracay

For my 3-day stay, I book a room at the Belmont Hotel. The staff were very accommodating to my needs and questions. It’s also a big hotel with lots of rooms. I think this can be good for big groups or company outings.

What I really liked about this hotel is that they have a free shuttle service from there going to D’Mall, which is already near White Beach in Station 2. Their shuttle service is open from 9am to 10pm.

Belmont Hotel is relatively new. But they also offer services such as day trips, dining with fancy menu, and spas.

Room with 2 beds at the Belmont Hotel
Belmont Cafe

Boracay’s garbage problem

I wish Boracay’s local government unit would have a more comprehensive waste management. I didn’t see any garbage bins around which could have helped people dispose their trash. Something as simple as that can help a lot.

There are litters of garbage, though not many, but still very noticeable. It’s not clear whether these trashes were drifted into the island by the sea or are these from tourists.

trash by the beach of Boracay
trash by the beach of Boracay

Hopefully Boracay can solve this. It still is a destination worth going to. And If I have the chance to go back, I’d do so in a heart beat.

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