Budget Talks: Think Before Shopping

Budget Talks: Think Before Shopping

Back then, it was easier to avoid being tempted to go shopping, especially when you’re out of budget. The simple trick was just to stay away from any shopping center. But today, E-commerce has now brought the temptation of spending right at home. You can purchase almost everything by just a click of a button through your computer or mobile phone and it’ll be delivered to you at your provided address.

Our computer screens are now littered with many advertisements, tempting us to pull out our credit cards and buy something. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with online shopping or just buying whatever it is that you want. The question we should first have in mind is: can you afford it? If you don’t, you’re probably going to end up paying with credit which can be a big mistake especially if you couldn’t pay it back immediately. You might say to yourself “I deserve to reward myself” or “it’s on sale so I’m saving 50% anyway”. First of all, if you think it’s a reward, it’s not. Rewards are suppose to be profits and not liabilities. And if you think you’re able to save by buying that on-sale item, you’re also not. Because being able to save means not spending, even on discounted items.

Discipline is everything

Since the temptation is in front of you, you’re only way out of it is discipline and it starts with how you think.  When you are being lured or tempted to buy something you think you need, think of things like:

  • “It’s only 2 weeks away before my next pay day. I’ll be able to afford it by then”
  • “It’s not an immediate need. It can wait”
  • “Do I already have something that’s similar to that?”
  • “Will my savings be compromised?”
  • “Will I end up borrowing money from others after I buy this?”

Try to think of ways on how you can help yourself from spending too much like:

  • Set a daily budget
  • Only pay with cash or debit card
  • leave your credit cards at home
  • motivate yourself to save money

Never use shopping to make yourself happy

I know some people who loves to celebrate by shopping if something good happens to them, like a promotion or a birthday. They tend to overlook their financial situation and just let their care-free feelings lord over them. Remember that you only get cheerfulness when you purchase something, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s true happiness you’re feeling.

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