Liza Soberano Is Not Afraid Of “Ipis” And It Shames Us

Liza Soberano - what's in the box - TechnoMarinePH

Liza Soberano takes on TecnoMarinePH’s “What’s in the Box Challenge” and many netizens express their admiration for her not being scared of creepy-crawlies.

In the segment, Liza is challenged to reach into a “mystery” box and guess what’s inside by touching it. The first item is a Kiwi fruit and she gets it right in a few guesses. The second one are crickets. Here’s the cute part, she doesn’t even show any disgust or fear for it!

At that point, many in this challenge would actually freak out if they feel something crawling. But not Liza Soberano. The cricket even went as far as crawling on her arm. She even made several guesses of what kind of creepy-crawler it might be without flinching. “Crab, alimango…. spider, caterpillar… Where it go?.. ipis. Oh cockroach…”. She then peeked into the box before realizing that those were crickets.

Netizens are then reminded and shamed by their own “kaartehan” and are quick to make fun of their own selves.

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