3 Internet Things Mocha Uson Has Proven

Mocha Uson meets Duterte

Reminiscent to her recent “pepedederalismo” video, Mocha Uson has resigned earlier today from her job as assistant secretary at the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO), catching the attention of netizens once again. But this topic is about the power of the world wide web. The power of that phone on your hand or that laptop you have in front of you. We’re only using Mocha Uson as our example since she’s been quite popular in the internet ever since Rodrigo Duterte ran for presidency. This isn’t a case study but just an observation to the possibilities of how the internet can change a person’s life.

So hate her or not, here are 3 things about the internet that Mocha Uson has proven:

1.) Bloggers can be as influential as mainstream media companies, sometimes even a threat to them

Influence is the game in the media world and the main edge bloggers have over big media companies is their ability to express feelings in front of their audiences. Mocha Uson used this edge with great effect.

She spoke about current events. Used words that no sane journalist would. Her social media pages became the rally point of frustrated citizens, and they found comfort and empowerment in that. These followers grew in numbers and before you know it, they started preferring these kinds of “news reports” over mainstream news. When the hype became a trend, it also didn’t take too long for these angry people to start attacking the bigger media companies like Rappler for not delivering news that were satisfactory to their tastes and beliefs. And it was very easy to do so.

Many of these people also saw the opportunity to make money off of this and thus became bloggers themselves with a similar theme: emotion stirring contents. There became an explosion of similar angry contents in social media and even fake news by anonymous bloggers. They understood the tactic of using scandalous headlines as bait to prospective visitors for their websites.

As I recall, there was even a huge smear campaign against Rappler and other media companies like ABS-CBN and Inquirer, calling them “dilawan” and biased. Their credibility was simply damaged in the eyes of the masses. Proving that big media companies are not as influential as people think they are. The fact that some sexy starlet with a computer and internet connection almost brought them down to their knees is a scary reality for these companies and they’re now trying find ways to combat this by better informing the people of what’s fake news and what’s not.

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”
― George Orwell, 1984

2.) Somebody with a computer and internet connection can make it big in life

If you wan’t to have something to do with your life and don’t know where to start, the internet is a great gateway for a lot of opportunities. Using Mocha as an example, who would have though that her life would soon cross paths with the President himself? After gaining millions of followers online, her efforts were later appreciated by President Duterte and was soon offered a job as an assistant secretary at PCOO. This is of course thanks to the internet.

There’s many things to do online that can help you achieve your dreams. You can set up an online shop or learn new skills by subscribing to online tutorials and courses. There’s no more excuses for not trying at all.

3.) Your past does not define your future, but how you use the internet will

Mocha was someone who was not shy to bee seen naked in her so called “educational” R-18 videos. She would be seen teaching tricks about oral sex, fingering, and where to find the woman’s g-spot. She is literally our society’s definition of kalapating mababa ang lipad. But then one day she became assistant secretary for PCOO. Crazy right? But that’s life in the internet age. Use the internet in your favor and you’ll be surprised what luck has in store for you.

Now instead of wasting your time stirring your emotions online with fake news, I suggest you start checking Gary Vaynerchuk’s vlogs. Gary Vaynerchuk is a business man who has turned his father’s humble liquor store business into a $60 million dollar business. And he did this by utilizing the internet properly. He’s got some great advises on what to do online. Whether it’s for an online business or online brand marketing, it’s time for you to use that keyboard as your new livelihood.

With Mocha Uson’s internet popularity, what other things do you realize that can be achieved by the internet? Share your ideas at the comments. 

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