Sights of Aurora: Light Hiking to Ditumabo Mother Falls

Sights of Aurora: Light Trek to Ditumabo Mother Falls

Ditumabo Mother Falls is nested in the mountainous regions of San Louis, Aurora. This has become one of the most visited destinations for tourists who are also interested of a light nature hike.

Locals have managed to turn it into a sustainable livelihood source by offering tour guides, setting up small shops along the trail, and by actively participating in community protection of the area. These coordinated efforts, with assistance from their local government, have contributed a lot to the tourism industry of Aurora.

It can take 30-40 minutes of hike to get to the falls. Venturing through trails, crossing bamboo bridges, and hoping on big rocks on fresh water streams, Ditumabo Mother Falls awaits those hearty enough to travel to it with lush beauty and cold fresh water for dipping.

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