Filipino Vloggers In Japan

Filipino Vloggers in Japan

Whether for travel, work, or migration, Japan is definitely a dream destination for many of us hopeful Pinoys. Here are 6 interesting Filipino vloggers in Japan who can give you a glimpse and ideas about the culture and lifestyle from the land of the rising sun. They also share their personal experiences and give tips for OFW’s who plan to go to Japan.


ROBATOLOGY is what you get if Allan K and Wally Bayola merged into one person. His channel is for you if you’re looking for something with a comedic twist.

2.) Pinoy Explorer sa Japan ‘-‘

Pinoy Explorer sa Japan ‘-‘ is a young channel that has been around for about a year now. As the name suggests, their videos primarily focuses on exploring the Japanese culture. They also have short tutorial videos on how to write in Hiragana.

3.) ano paano

Planning to work in Japan in their manufacturing industry? ano paano is vlogged by a simple young man  who can give you ideas of what OFW life can be in Japan.

In one of his videos, he shares that he sold his camera because he was strapped for cash and now only uses a phone for vlogging. Unfortunately, his last video was 9 months ago and we have little idea of what he’s been up to lately. Perhaps he sold his phone too?

4.) Rhia Kimura

Watching Rhia Kimura’s vlogs gives you the vibes of watching a close friend’s videos. She’s frank, witty, and funny. Most of her videos focuses on her personal day-to-day life. Sometimes also featuring her husband and child.

5.) Icy Rose

Icy Rose is a former entertainer (Overseas Performing Artist) in Japan, offering practical tips and ideas for other aspiring OFW’s. Her vlogs consists of her lifestyle ad experiences in both Japan and the Philippines.

6.)  シンキマク

シンキマク vlogs are also on the personal side. Mizell, the vlogger, regularly updates her channel with videos about her life with her daughter in Japan. Her channel also serves as her journal to keep good memories.

Do you have a favorite Filipino vlogger in Japan? Share it in the comments!

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