Escape to Maniwaya Island, Marinduque

Escape to Maniwaya Island, Marinduque

Maniwaya island, or Maniuaya, is a smaller island at the north-east side of the island province of Marinduque. You could say that this place is “at the heart” of the country because it is located in the middle of the Philippines where a heart would be if the country was a person.

The island offers pristine waters and clean beige sands with tourist-friendly locals who you can be at peace with. Besides chilling at the beach, you can also go snorkeling, island hopping, and visit other attractions like the Palad sandbar. Take not that some of these activities will need a boat service to take you around.


  • No vendors walking-up to you.
  • No night noise. No heavy parties at night and loud noises.
  • No mosquitoes, I think… I slept at the open air and no mosquitoes bit me. In fact, I never saw any mosquitoes.
  • The island has good cell signal.
  • They have sari-sari stores from where you can buy the most basic necessities. You can buy toiletries, food, ice, even beer. You can also rent tents for P500.


  • No police or security personnel. I didn’t see any, not even life guards. So be cautious.
  • Electricity only works at night from 6pm to 7am. You might want to bring an extension cord because once the electricity is on, you and your buddies will be fighting for the first spot on who’ll get to charge their phone first.
  • It’s an island. You can’t just walk in and out of the place at any given time. So make sure to bring all the things that you’ll need, especially your medication and extra cash.

How to get there by commute

From Metro Manila, ride a bus going to Lucena City’s Grand Central Terminal. From there, ride a van going to General Luna Port. Boat rides or bangka that ferry passengers to Maniwaya Island will be available there. Make sure to also take the contact number of the boat owner/crew so you can have them pick you up when you’re about to leave the island. It’s best to let the boat crew know what you want to do in the island, that way they can also give you advises and other tour packages or assistance that they also offer.

Sceneries and things to do

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