3 Hip Bars To Visit Along Sabang Beach Baler For An Awesome Night-Life

Baler has become a top destination for city dwellers who wants to try surfing on vacation. There are also other attractions besides Sabang Beach such as Ditumabo Falls and Museo de Baler. Souvenir shops, restaurants, and hotel resorts are everywhere too. But people crave for a little more excitement especially at night and considering that Baler is still at a phase of building itself up to accommodate the influx of tourists, the night-life isn’t booming just yet.

But we recently came back to Baler and have seen some signs of exciting life after the sun has gone down. We went on a little bar-hopping mission to see what Sabang Beach can offer at night and we were actually impressed with the moderate night-life scene.

Here are three hip bars along Sabang Beach that we recommend for those who truly want to enjoy their stay in Baler all through the night:

1.) Cauti Bar & Grill

Cauti Bar & Grill is quite popular among locals. The venue has two levels. At the ground floor, you can enjoy a live band play their music and the second floor would be a little more quiet for you to enjoy conversations with your friends. This is also a good place to have your dinner.

2.) Crash Pad

Crash Pad is a great place for youngsters, both locals and tourists, and perhaps one of the easiest places to meet new friends in that area. They have a nice bar with a great selection of affordable drinks and they also have bands performing all through out the night. Although the scene might be too loud for some of us since they do blast out their speakers and if your lodging is near their vicinity, then good luck with your sleep.

3.) Nalu Surf Bar

This is perhaps the most relaxing open-air bar in Sabang Beach. Friendly staff and delicious barbecue. Prices might be a little steep especially for food, but absolutely worth it. Yes, they also have a live band and I think the bands they hire are the best performers in town. You can choose to sit on stools or on banigs on the ground. They also have bonfires that kinda adds a cozy feel to the ambiance. Since this bar is situated in a resort, you can almost expect that most of their patrons are tourists.


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