Try Horseback Riding at Wright Park On Your Next Trip To Baguio

Horseback riding is one of the many tourist attractions of Baguio City. Unlike in Metro Manila, where on some areas kalesa rides can be endearing, Baguio’s Wright Park offers a better experience of riding a horse.

Wright Park has an Upper and a Lower side. The lower side is where the horses are and there are about 200 horses available that you can rent for as little as Php200 for 30 minutes or Php300 for an hour.

Horses are lined up for tourists to choose from. Some cute horses have dyed hair.

Horses are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. They can understand human facial expressions, they’re loyal, and can show affection. The horses in this park are well treated and there are aiding guides who can help you get on the horse and give you a safe ride.

Cuddling horses at Wright Park

Once you’ve chosen the horse you’d like to ride, the guides will take you to a circular pavement where the ride will just go around it for several lapses until your time is up. The experience can actually be a bit boring so I would recommend for starters to just avail their 30 minute ride. This kind of activity is more oriented to people who just want to experience horseback riding or for families with kids. It’s not a cowboy-type of an adventure ride so just lower your expectations.

at Wright Park’s Riding Circle

There is a high stairway that leads to the upper side of Wright Park. There’s a lot of steps going up so make sure you’re well stretched and take rests on your way up.

Stairway to upper side of Wright Park

The upper side is more reserved for nature lovers and those who just want a quick break from city life. Lusher greeneries and fresher air can be experienced here for those who need a rest from that high stairway.

a resting area which is also a mini garden within the park

It’s a perfect place to find relaxation before once again venturing out to explore what other things Baguio has to offer.

The Mansion can be seen across the park’s exit

The exit/entrance of the upper side of Wright Park leads to the front gate of The Mansion, another popular spot of the city.

This pond is one of Wright Park’s iconic features.
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