Block Z (2020) - Movie Review

Block Z (2020) – Movie Review

Block Z is Mikhail Red’s most ambitious horror project yet. It is said to be the first “large scale” zombie movie in the Philippines given its proper budgeting for the genre. My first impressions The movie in many ways is predictable. In the sense that all zombie movies are based on survival….

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Block Z (2020) - Scene Breakdown

Block Z (2020) – Scene Breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of the movie Block Z (2020). We’ve listed here some interesting things for a much more in-depth review about Mikhail Red’s horror flick. Movie Breakdown 1.) “Too epidemic prone to communicable diseases” – The Philippines is described to have a low fighting chance of combating a viral…

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Sunod (2019) - Scene Breakdown

Sunod (2019) – Scene Breakdown

Here we go again with another movie breakdown where we try to analyze scenes. Here’s a deeper look at Carlo Ledesma’s Sunod (2019) starring Carmina Villaroel. If you haven’t seen the movie or read our review on it yet, click here!!! Movie breakdown 1.) Nightmares – Olivia, or Liv to her friends, often…

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Sunod (2019) - Movie Review

Sunod (2019) – Movie Review

Sunod (2019) is a horror film that depicts a mother and daughter’s fight to survive a paranormal possession caused by the haunting of a young girl’s ghost from an old building with a buried past. For more about “Sunod”, see the movie’s scene breakdowns here!!! Surpassing clichés There were instances in…

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