Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap (2018) – Movie Review

Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap 2018 Movie Review

Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap has a modernized touch of a typical Filipino slapstick comedy. But the creativity behind its story and the frank personalities of its characters makes this movie quite entertaining and is worth a peek.

The humor is easy to pick up. It reminds me of the old Filipino comedy films by Redford White but it also adds a modern zing to it. I can’t say it’s the intelligent kind of comedy, but very Filipino in humor for sure. The film’s protagonists focuses on holdapers but in no way advocate crimes and violence. It’s almost like you’re watching an anime, nothing too dark. Even the shoot-out scenes were not shown to the audience. Not including the language of course, it’s actually one of the least violent movies of the year and surprisingly one of the most creative in terms of story line.

I think they did quite well in casting non “class A” artists for this film. It’s nice to rely on the actor’s talent and ability to entertain rather than just seeing a movie because a bigating artista is included.

Sadly, this movie was not able to secure many cinema slots. It was recently mentioned by Paolo Contis in social media that they were also not given a proper premier night because the movie’s title was deemed too negative.

Short plot

Eman’s ambition is to follow in the footsteps of his father Ka Paeng as the greatest “holdaper” in Barangay Husay. His father runs a tight community of holdapers where each one would be grouped in a team of three’s. Eman and his team mates, Carlo and Toto, have never been successful with any of their antics in robbing people to the point that they’ve become the laughing stock of Ka Paeng’s community of bandits.

After many failures and stupid ideas from Eman and his friends, Ka Paeng decides to include Nicoy in their team as a trainee and a possible contributor for new strategies on how to be successful at robbing people. None of them were aware that Nicoy is actually an undercover cop who is investigating the underground world of holdapers in Barangay Husay.

The situation of the four soon became out of hand in a series of twists and bad lucks where a call-girl named Marga, a business man, and a group of farmers got entangled in their robbery scheme. To make matters worse, a kingpin named Badjao and his violent henchman, Boy Bulag, also got caught up in the messy turn of events, ultimately leading to Ka Paeng’s death.

At the end, Eman, Carlo, and Toto became successful holdapers and even Nicoy was able to attain a promotion in his Police career. The movie ends as the three were also able to plot a revenge-holdap against Badjao with the stupidest idea that they ever had.

Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap movie scene breakdown

1.) Eman shares his so called genius holdap plan to Toto and Carlos where they need to act as ghosts to scare their victims. This foreshadows what they’ll do as revenge against Badjao.

From left: Jerald Napoles as Toto, Pepe Herrera as Eman, Jelson Bay as Carlo

2.) In his “kweba“, Ka Paeng introduces Nicoy to the trio as their new team mate. They have no idea that Nicoy is an undercover cop.

Paolo Contis as Nicoy and Pen Medina as Ka Paeng

3.) With the help of Nicoy, the group celebrates their first successful holdap with a bucket of gin.

4.) Marga is a call-girl who also happens to be the girlfriend of Nicoy. The idea to rob a business man and a group of farmers came from her. Her idea was meant to be a simple one, but bad luck and other mishaps made things worse for the whole ordeal.

Kate Alejandrino as Marga

5.) Marga tries to broker a deal between her farmer friend and her client who is a wealthy businessman. The businessman is enthusiastic about the item the farmers were trying to sell. He explains to Marga the great value of the item and how it’s easily worth millions.

6.)  Angry farmers invade Marga’s residence as they realized that the money they received from the deal was fake and had Vic Sotto’s face on the P1000 bills. Even Marga at this point does not understand what has happened and how deep the whole mishap has become.

Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap 2018 movie review

7.) Badjao (left) shares that he hates coffee because of its bitterness but wants to drink more of it so he can keep himself awake. Falling asleep only makes him dream about the people he has murdered before. He then explains the role of his right hand man, Boy Bulag (right), who does the dirty work for him in hurting those who fail to pay him. Boy Bulag is less sympathetic to his victims and uses a spoon to dig out his victim’s eye.

Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap 2018 movie review
Dindo Arroyo as Boy Bulag

8.) It’s revealed at the end that Ka Paeng’s real name is Rafael Durukot, which means Eman’s name is Eman Durukot.


“Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap” is a comedy film and everything about it should just be taken lightly and cheerfully, but it still gives us a reminder on how the excessive love of money can swindle our lives into heavier consequences no matter what status your life is in or who you are in society.

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