My Preferred Deodorant – Nivea Men’s ‘Fresh Active’

My Preferred Deodorant - Nivea Men's 'Fresh Active' - Men's deodorant

Perhaps the thing that I’m mostly insecure about myself is my body odor. I bathe myself 2-3 times a day. After a few hours from taking a bath, I’ll start smelling like onions. Not to mention, I move a lot and so I sweat a lot. And this may lead to embarrassing moments. That’s why I’ve tried many deodorants and antiperspirants to see which ones work the best for me and I want to tell you my favorite of them all.

Nivea Men: ‘Fresh Active’

I’ve stayed away from using stick and roll-on deodorants, because they usually have a sticky component that just creates a mess on shirts. I’ve thrown away many of these shirts and I have moved away from using the same brands that has caused this. I’ve also stopped using antiperspirant sprays because I find that they have the same problem and so I am very meticulous on picking something that is labeled with “deodorant” and not “antiperspirant”. One of the best deodorant sprays that didn’t give me this issue is Nivea Men’s ‘Fresh Active’.

My Preferred Deodorant - Nivea Men's 'Fresh Active' - Men's deodorant


  • It’s affordable. It’s more or less Php200.
  • Doesn’t leave stains on shirt.
  • Easy to wash off from shirts in laundry.
  • Easy to rinse off from body when bathing.
  • One spray in the morning can last me the whole day.
  • Clear and no sticky “white stuff” hanging on my armpit hair.
  • Unlike sticks and roll-on deodorants, you don’t have to worry about misplacing the cover caps since it’s in a spray-on canister with a locking mechanism.


  • Might sting your armpits sometimes upon spraying.
  • Not available in convenience stores like 7-11 (in Metro Manila). You can mostly find this in supermarkets and Watson’s.
  • Does not prevent your armpits from sweating since this is only a deodorant and not an antiperspirant.
  • 1 canister only lasts for about 2 weeks or less.
  • The scent is a bit strong especially when you’ve sprayed a lot. So you might not be able to wear another perfume. Otherwise both scents would just be toppling and mixing with each other.

All-in-all it’s a good deodorant that I haven’t had any problems with. Although I do wish that Nivea would make more spray-on deodorant scents other that “Fresh Active” and bigger canisters that would last longer than 2 weeks.

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